New article: Travel journalists’ views on public relations

A new paper on Australian travel journalists’ attitudes to public relations has been published in the Public Relations Review. The paper is based on a representative study of 85 travel journalists, which I conducted in 2009-10. It looks in particular at their views of the relationship with PR, which is a crucial influence in travel journalism, a journalistic field that relies to considerable extent on free trips and accommodation, hence is arguably more vulnerable to PR influence. The abstract states:

The impact of public relations on emerging fields such as travel journalism has not gained much attention, despite the broader growth of lifestyle journalism, and its particular dependence on PR. This study reports the findings of a representative survey of Australian travel journalists, focusing on their views of PR. Results show that travel journalists are wary of PR, although they believe they can be relatively immune from its influence and see some PR activities as quite useful. Cluster analysis identifies three distinct groups based on their views of PR, which range from a positive attitude to strong criticism. Their backgrounds and differences are explored, pointing to gender, job status, and background in mainstream journalism as main determinants for differences.

To access the full article, click here.

About folkerhanusch

Dr Folker Hanusch is Professor of Journalism at the University of Vienna, Austria.
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